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Innovation in Safety
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We invite you to access a demonstration version of the Safety Decision Aid. The decision aid is currenlty being researched with victims of intimate partner violence.

Welcome to the Safety Decision Aid

The Safety Decision Aid is an application designed to assist victims of intimate partner violence in making an informed decision with regards to their relationship. Users begin by completing numerous standarized instruments and then compare their priorities in the context of their relationship. These priorities include:

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Resources
  • Love
  • Child Safety

Based on the unique combination of their responses, the application delivers a set of strategies and resources tailored to the users goal in the decision making process. This tailored action plan can be continually accessed online for reference.

The StudyNIMH Funded RCT

The Safety Decision Aid is an effort funded by the National Institute of Mental Health through a five year, randomized controlled trial. Users are randomized to either the full decision aid or a control site. Primary outcomes being measured are exposure to violence and mental health.

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The TeamInternational Collaboration

As researchers in intimate partner violence (IPV) and decision science, we set out to develop and study this web accessible application to deliver tailored solutions to victims currently dealing with abusive partners. Our team reaches across four states and three countries.

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The TechnologyAHP and Rule engines

The application utilizes an Analytic Hierarchy Process to present the five relationship priorities to the user who then performs a pairwise comparison of all the priorities. The resulting ranking of priorities drives the rules engine which determines what strategies best match the users' goal.

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